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Merit (Fully Funded) Scholarship

The fully funded scholarship program offered by the University of South Asia is nothing short of remarkable, surpassing the ordinary in every aspect.

It provides an exceptional opportunity to qualifying students, granting them a 100% tuition fee scholarship along with a monthly stipend of Rs. 25,000. Graduates of this program are guaranteed a job with a monthly salary of Rs. 200,000, by the university on Degree completion.

University will train them in their chosen professions, empowering them to work in Global Markets bringing valuable foreign reserves for Pakistan.

Selection Criteria for Merit Scholarship

  • Students must have achieved 85% marks in their Matric/Inter exams to qualify for this scholarship.
  • Minimum SAT score of 1350 or U-SAT (USA-Scholastic Aptitude Test) with 1350 marks.
  • Alternatively, students can join 1st Semester & achieve CGPA of 3.8 to qualify.
  • Once admitted, students of Merit Scholarship will have to maintain 90% attendance & 3.5 CGPA in future semesters.

Internee Scholarship

Internee Scholarship is awarded to students willing to work hard and overcome their academic deficiencies. These Students are awarded 50% fee assistance.

Students applying for this scholarship must have 60% marks in their Matric and Inter Part-I while they achieve 70% Marks on the U-SAT.

U-SAT is usually a difficult test and is exactly picked from SAT books of last 5 years.

Students can alternatively Join the Diploma in Digital Marketing where they are taught every lecture with huge learning support system.

If they achieve a CGPA of 3.0 which is easy to achieve for bright students, they qualify for Internee Scholarship.

Selection Criteria for Internee Scholarship

  • Students must have achieved 60% marks in their Matric/Inter exams.
  • Minimum SAT score of 1100 or U-SAT (USA-Scholastic Aptitude Test) with 1100 marks.
  • Alternative to Admission test, students can join 1st Semester. If they achieve a CGPA of 3.0 they will qualify for Scholarship.
  • They will get waiver for 1st semester as Diploma courses are also part of 1st semester subjects.
  • Once admitted students of Internee Scholarship will have to maintain 90% attendance & 3.0 CGPA in future semesters.

Self Finance
Study Loan

Earn & Pay Your Loan

  • This is a unique program offered only at University of South Asia
  • University will provide you study loan equivalent to 50% tuition fee.
  • You will be trained to earn $500 from second semester onwards.
  • Till the time you do not earn, University will keep extending the loan facility.
  • You will pay the loan amount from your personal earnings generated from online platforms.
  • You must achieve a minimum of 50% marks in your inter to qualify for study loan.

Program Duration







Eligibilty Criteria

Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT): Minimum 60% marks in intermediate

All Others Programs: Minimum 50% marks in intermediate

Fee & Expenses

RS. 30,000


RS. 30,000


The fee is payable on a monthly basis. Students are awarded a 10% fee
assistance discount when paying the full semester fee.

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